Monday, 29 July 2013

A LATE ENTRY - Toni-Leah & Daniel

People say there is no such thing as love at first sight, I can prove THEM wrong! From the moment I first met my partner, who is now my wonderful fiancé, it was love at first sight.

My life has been made complete since Daniel became A PART of it.

Daniel is from Launceston and I am from Hobart.  WE recently celebrated our Engagement together in Launceston with our loved ones.

We plan to relocate to Launceston in the next year or two and purchase our first home together to have a family in. We have not even thought of getting married anywhere else but in Launceston AS it is such a pretty place with so many wonderful places to have a wedding.

Our dream wedding is to be able to spend it with our loved ones, nothing too fancy and to have the best night ever. You only get married once and you need to make it the most memorable day you have ever had. 

To us a wedding is not about who can have the most expensive wedding, it's about marrying the man or WOMAN of your dreams and sharing it with your loved ones. It's about me taking his surname as he stole my heart, it's about me feeling like a princess for a day and about everyone being A PART of our day.

We would love to be able to get married sooner rather than later but as with everyone, money is tight, especially when we relocate to Launceston as I will need to find another job as transferring is not possible.

We would love to be able to win this package as it would make our dream COME TRUE SO MUCH SOONER xx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Dwayne and I first met in 2008, however we have known of each other for many years. My brother Kaden and Dwayne's brother Jamie have been friends since primary school. 
One day my brother Kaden went to visit Dwayne at his work and Dwayne asked Kaden if he would give his business card to me so I could contact him. I contacted Dwayne and we arranged to go out on a date to the movies, that was our real first encounter.
We saw each other everyday after that and our relationship just grew and grew.   Our true moment of falling in love would be when our son was born. It made us a real family and we are extremely excited about our new baby boy edition soon to arrive.
We focus on what we want as a family and what make us happy.  Our dream wedding is modern but keeping it classic, a day to truly remember.